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about the project

In the autumn of 2001 we had to visit a Java course. Our job was to develop something with this oh-so-cool programming language. Well we weren't (and still aren't) real fans of Java. But we told ourselves: "If we must create such a project it should at least be something useful". As we haven't found any decent free (as in beer and as in speech) Java applet to edit text this was a good choice.

Our goals for the eight cours days were to create an applet that can be used to edit HTML text with a almost-WYSIWYG interface. So the formattings bold, italic, underline and embedding links were our main goals.

We decided to release it to the public because one of us is an open-source fanatic and because we think that such an applet could be useful for many people, not only for our teacher...

At the moment there are still a lot of bugs and probably even more which haven't been found yet. So please use the bug tracking system, please. Thank you.